Davos 2024 begins: dates, topics and participants

Davos 2024: the new year of the meeting of the World Economic Forum begins today, January 15, in the Swiss city, which is known for the important international economic event that it hosts every year in the second half of January.

At your place, topics AND participants The World Economic Forum, which is gearing up for a very busy schedule this year, has now announced in-depth sessions in a week dedicated to debate, intervention and reflection.

There is no doubt that 2024 has begun with all the conditions to be remembered as a year of epochal challenges, potentially lethal risks to global democracy and development, and irreversible geopolitical changes. Several analysts have already flagged the scenario behind this 54th edition Davos Forum as the most complex yet.

In recent years, geopolitical threats have increased around the world Russian war in Ukraine and conflict Israel-Hamasand the associated recent impact on shipping in the Red Sea. PUSH Chinameanwhile, he increased military pressure to assert his claims of sovereignty over Taiwan and his rivalry with Taiwan. USA in the technological field is higher than ever.

Davos 2024 arouses interest and knowledge in this context meeting dates, topics and participants is essential for those who want to keep up-to-date on one of the most prestigious events on a global economic level.

When is the Davos Forum 2024: meeting dates

Annual meeting World Economic Forum in Davos takes place from 15 to 19 January 2024.

On Monday, January 15, the winners of the competition will receive the space Crystal Awards 2024award also managed by WEF with the aim of evaluating important representatives of art and culture, i.e. “Exceptional cultural leaders who are honored for their work to promote nature and the environment, human rights and intercultural understanding.”

This year, world-renowned architect and 2022 Pritzker Prize winner Diébédo Francis Kéré will be honored; United Nations Development Program (UNDP) ambassador, environmentalist and Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh and Grammy Award-winning guitarist, songwriter and humanitarian Nile Rodgers.

Davos: themes for the 2024 edition

The slogan of the Davos 2024 edition is “Rebuilding Trust” and all in-depth meetings scheduled from Tuesday to Friday will focus on 4 key themes, which the WEF lists as follows:

  • Achieving security and cooperation in a fragmented world;
  • Creating growth and jobs for a new era;
  • Artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society;
  • Long-term strategy for climate, nature and energy

Many questions about the future arise from these 4 fundamental challenges:

How can we effectively solve security crisislike the current situation in the Middle East? How can government, business and civil society come together around a new economic framework to avoid decades of low growth and put people at the center of a prosperous path? How can we useArtificial Intelligence for the benefit of all? How can we develop a long-term systemic approach to achieving goals and zero carbon world and respect nature by 2050 while providing secure and inclusive access to energy, food and water?

The debates and reflection sessions planned for Davos 2024 will have the ambition to offer topics for evaluation and possible solutions to answer these questions.

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Who will attend Davos 2024? All the protagonists

More than 100 governments represented, all major international organizations, 1,000 forum partners, as well as civil society leaders, experts, youth representatives, social entrepreneurs and the press: the Davos 2024 Forum will welcome famous guests, the undisputed protagonists of the challenges. of our time.

Among the most anticipated interventions are those of Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission), Li Qiang (Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of China), Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani (Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar), António Guterres (Secretary-General of the United Nations), Emmanuel Macron (President of France), Javier Milea (President of Argentina), Pedro Sánchez (Prime Minister of Spain).

Even the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky will attend the meeting.

The list of participants published by the forum includes 40 finance ministers and 16 central bank governors. The foreign affairs chiefs of some 40 countries and several national security advisers, including American Jake Sullivan, will also be present.

About 70 senior officials will attend a meeting on a peace formula for Ukraine on January 14. Some 1,600 executives, including more than 800 CEOs, will gather for sessions on global security, trade, climate change and energy transition, as well as the impact of artificial intelligence on economies and jobs.

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