Firefighters rescue a cat trapped in a tree in Treviso

On Tuesday, January 9, in the afternoon Castelfranco Veneto Fire Department interfered with the City Hall Riese Piusin the province of Treviso, to rescue a cat that had been stuck for several days in the branches of a tree on via Piave.

The animal, as can be seen from the video published by the HZS, had difficulty moving and recovery was possible only after the firefighters administered sedatives and returned it to the ground. He was later taken to a veterinary clinic where he was examined.

Cats generally have no particular difficulty climbing trees, in fact they climb up for a variety of reasons: from the need to observe the territory from above to a sense of security. They are therefore used to climbing and reaching very high heights, but may get stuck and unable to get down.

In most cases, these are inexperienced cats who involuntarily reach higher heights than those who have learned to manage and who have “little practice” in climbing, perhaps born and bred cats. inside, who experience climbing for the first time. In these cases, they may be afraid to descend precisely because of the involuntarily reached height, because they perceive the descent as dangerous, or because they notice people or other animals on the ground perceived as threats or obstacles. They can be confused and the confusion can increase their stress and cause them to stay on the branch out of caution and refuse to come down.

Intervention may be necessary if, for example, it is raining or cold and the cat is not sufficiently protected and shows no signs of getting outside, or even if its claws are stuck in branches or it is not moving well. The same if the cat appears dehydrated or weak, perhaps because it has been stuck in a tree for some time.

If it is obvious that the cat cannot get down from the tree for serious reasons, you should contact the firemen who are equipped to reach safely with ladders and possibly establish a safe place in case the cat feels threatened and throws itself from a great height. There are also people trained in acrobatic construction who make their skills available to people and cats who find themselves in these situations, but the most important thing is never to try to take a cat yourself and put her and your own safety at risk.

A cat stuck in a tree is therefore one of the most common interventions of firefighters and it is part of their duties to rescue animals in trouble.

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