Free sterilization campaign against abandonment in the municipality of Montesilvano

The The village of Montesilvanoin the province of Pescara, launched a free sterilization campaign for dogs and cats in order to keep births of “unwanted” litters under control and prevent abandonment and wandering.

The initiative is organized by the Office for the Care of Animals and Stray Animals of the Local Police Sector of the Municipality of Montesilvano and is reserved for people living in the urban area.

Delegate councilor for animal welfare, Giuseppe Manganiello commented on the news as follows: «We want to continue with the goal make citizens responsible and discourage the abandoned. The available funds, equal to five thousand euros, will be distributed through a ranking that will be compiled preferentially based on the lower value of the ISEE indicator”.

There are two important requirements to access the service: pets must reside in the municipality of Montesilvano and must have an ISEE. not exceeding 15,000 euros. Anyone who meets these parameters can apply by filling out the form form available on the municipality’s website and attaching a copy of the ID card, confirmation of the animal’s registration in the dog registry and ISEE certification. The request must be sent via a verified email address or by email at

In recent months, municipalities and associations have even organized initiatives in various Italian cities support free sterilizations or at popular prices so that everyone, even the less well-off, can access this service.

Last November, for example, in north of Sardinia volunteers from the Arca Sarda shelter in Santa Teresa, together with the German Association for the Protection of Animals, promoted the sterilization campaign “Do the right thing”, which will be active until the end of January.

While last July The municipality of Avezzano in the province of L’Aquila, Abruzzo, carried out a campaign for the free sterilization of domestic bitches.

Pets who will be able to benefit from the allowance, the maximum amount of which is expected to be 250 euros per family, will have to go directly to the clinics of authorized veterinarians.

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