Gentiloni: “Italian support for the Stability Pact is not weaker than others. Moon? I hope this will be resolved in the future. I will not run in the European elections”

MILAN – “I don’t see any specific differences on the Italian side in the tax rules.” Regarding the new Stability Pact, “the Italian government supported the general approach of the EU Council. I wouldn’t say that Italian support is weaker than in other countries”. This was said by the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Pavel Gentilonalso at a hearing in the Economic Committee of the European Parliament.

The former prime minister also responded to the subject of the ESM after the rejection by the Italian parliament. ‚ÄúThere is a specific Italian position on the ESM, as the Parliament voted not to support the ESM amendment that allows for an insurance for banking crises. I hope this issue can be resolved in the future,” said Gentiloni.

“Naturally we are a democracy, we take into account the decision of the parliament and I think it is a decision that must be respected,” Gentiloni further explained with regard to the ESM. “But you also have to take into account that the Italian government signed this amendment two or three years ago. Of course, there is a difference with the government that is in office.” I think the ESM topic “will also be discussed at the Eurogroup next Monday”, the Italian commissioner said.

Therefore, Gentiloni, in response to journalists, ruled out that he would present himself as a candidate in the next European elections: “No, I will not run for the European Parliament,” he said. Regarding his future, Gentiloni added: “My intention is to return to Italy”, later joking that he would “never retire”.

Dombrovskis: “In June we will ask for excessive deficit procedures”

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Commission Valdis Dombrovskis confirmed that excessive deficit procedures will be required in June. “We have also made it clear that we will recommend to the Council the start of the EDP in June 2024, but we will need similar clarity and predictability for the years ahead,” he told the hearing. “It is essential that the Parliament and the Council reach an agreement on the new economic governance rules and adopt the legislation as quickly as possible,” he added.

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