How Chips Dominate Taiwan’s Elections

TaipeiJanuary 13th the essential ones are planned Taiwan presidential and parliamentary elections. The result says a lot about stability Taiwan Straitabout the future of relations with China continental and between Beijing itself United States. The world has learned to follow more attention what is happening in and around Taipei also because it was found that more than 60% microchip world. Even more so after the global shortage in 2021 and the rise in tension that followed the visit of Nancy Pelosi in Taipei in August 2022. It is no coincidence that attempts to bring home the skills of the Taiwanese giants semiconductors they multiplied.

Then it’s interesting to try to understand how the subject fits into it microchip about polling, trying to understand the way surveys are approached and seen by the big names in the industry. The starting point can only be Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (Tsmc), which itself “weighs” more than 50% of the global share manufacturing and assembly industry. From smartphones to computers, from cars to military jets: o two and a half billion of people use devices containing microchips manufactured by Tsmc every day. A domain that is not only quantitative but also qualitative, given that it is a single company together with the South Korean Samsung to be able to produce 3 nanometer microchipthe most advanced around.

Morris Chang, father of Tsmc

Founder Morris Chang he is almost a legendary figure. He is 92 years old and was born in 1931 in Ningbo, a city in what is now China’s Zhejiang Province, when China was the Republic of China (to this day the name by which Taiwan is independent de facto). In 1949, shortly before the end of the civil war and the founding of the People’s Republic of China Mao Zedonghe went on to study at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then began his career in the semiconductor industry in Texas. Then, in the mid-1980s, he came to Taiwan to start a strategic microchip sector.

Almost 40 years after the start of the company that had at its foundation 120 employees and today it has more than that 50 thousand, Tsmc is a real institution. Not only for its sensational contribution to Taiwan’s gross domestic product, but also for its political-diplomatic role. Overseas investment has been a barometer of Taipei’s strategies for several years. Tsmc, which has been present in the People’s Republic of China for a long time, is working on the construction of two factories in Arizona, the first in the United States. Both projects were heavily promoted at the political level by the White House and administration Trump both from the administration side Bidenwho also hosted Chang in Phoenix for an on-site ceremony.

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