License suspended for those who abandon animals: yes from the traffic commission

Tougher penalties for those who abandon animals. This is the content of the amendment approved by the parliamentary transport committee, where the draft amendment to the Road Code is now being discussed.

If it should be finally approved, the penalties for those who abandon animals will increase by a third compared to today, raise them up 16 months of arrest ora fine of up to 13 thousand euros. The most interesting novelty that is introduced is driving license suspension up to one year and the application of the penalties assumed for vehicular manslaughter or serious or very serious injury if the abandonment resulted in an accident, fatal or otherwise.

Currently, however, the sanctions are set at§ 727 of the Criminal Code are much smaller:

Anyone who abandons domestic animals or those who have acquired habits in captivity is punishedarrest for up to one year or withfine from 1,000 to 10,000 euros. Anyone who keeps animals in conditions incompatible with their nature and leads to serious suffering is subject to the same penalty.

With the final approval of the new amendment, the penalties for the crime of abandoning animals would be significantly stricter. News that immediately drew applause from animal welfare groups who have been fighting for this outcome for years. “Evidence of great attention to a hate phenomenon which includes 130,000 animals, estimated between dogs and cats alone – announced Work – a serious threat to the lives of the animals themselves and public safety and security. In addition to the correct recognition of the cruelty of abandonment and its social danger, the tightening of penalties is also a punitive measure that is sure to have a deterrent effect.”

The approved amendment is the result of a reformulation of the amendments first signed by a member of the League of the North Domenico Furgiuele and representative We moderate Michel Vittorio Brambillo. The reformulation was requested by the rapporteur of the provision, Elena Maccanti.

After approval, Furgiuele declared: «Zero tolerance for anyone who abandons their petespecially if there is a traffic accident involving death or injury.” Accidents are not uncommon when a dog is abandoned. Home-bred individuals, unlike those born free, have no knowledge of the dangers posed by cars or roads. And such cases is quite enough: according to the latest data, Anas saves on average, every five days one animal from the danger of being run over and they killed along the roads and highways under his jurisdiction.

In the interest of their protection and the protection of the public, Parliament is therefore trying to discourage citizens from such an act, as Brambilla, who has always been at the forefront of animal rights, emphasized: “If the regulation, as I hope, becomes law, whether they leave an animal on the street, apart from the criminal consequences , which can become very serious in the event of an accident, risks a high administrative fine with license suspension. Anyone who intends to commit such a hateful gesture should think twice.”

The very novelty of suspending the license of criminals had already been considered by the Minister of Transport this summer. Matteo Salviniwhile visiting the Valle Grande kennel in Rome.

However, MPs are also working on another bill to toughen penalties for those who abuse animals. This is also an account across political groups which is currently under discussion.

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