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Project space represents Luxury retail 2024 conference on January 25 and 26 in Modena, explore the new frontiers of luxury retail building management with leading industry experts. At the heart of the event were the key challenges of designing, creating and managing luxury spaces, with an in-depth look at the strategies and solutions that are revolutionizing the sector, combining aesthetics with technical precision.

Design and create luxury retail spaces that is, creating environments that transcend pure functionality to become true theaters of experience. Every aspect must be thought out and created to evoke and maintain the promise of exclusivity, where the space is transformed into a sensory narrative that envelops the customer from the first sight. The challenge is to go beyond the shopping experience in favor of a true emotional journey.

Organized Project spacereference point in the sector, imminent Luxury Retail Conference aims to explore, in one of the most famous places in the world, the entire life cycle of spaces meant to serve as authentic “homes” of luxury. Spaces that not only represent the scene for exclusive products, but also reflect the identity of the most prestigious brands in the Fashion, Fine Dining, Automotive, Jewellery, Wellness and Real Estate sectors.

This event presents a unique opportunity for industry professionals to delve into winning strategies and trends that will shape the future of luxury retail starting from “white box“, an empty space but perfectly ready for use thanks to the provision of the necessary and most advanced infrastructures, such as home automation and security systems of the latest generation or structural and functional elements such as floors or windows, which in the luxury sector require the use of quality materials and finishes for ensuring the maximum level of customization.

Think, design, build and manage buildings that host luxury retail therefore require greater attention to the needs and values ​​at stake, including a wide range of professionals: from material suppliers to architects, in a combination of skills where artistic vision and engineering precision, understanding a deep understanding of customer expectations and constant innovation . Precision work that involves a highly specialized supply chain that, in the face of much greater spending capacity from luxury brands, is challenged to develop ideas and solutions capable of surpassing traditional schemes with increasingly ambitious and often ground-breaking ones.

“The creative process behind luxury spaces goes beyond simple architectural creation, but combines refined aesthetics with advanced technical solutions,” he comments Giancarlo Cavazzoni, owner of Cavazzoni associatias well as the creator and promoter of the event together with Project space and to many other partners in the sector who shared its values ​​and goals. “Structured benchmarking is essential to support integration between professionals in the luxury supply chain. The Luxury Retail Conference offers an unmissable opportunity that takes you through the complex journey from design to management of luxury retail spaces and promotes solutions to the sector’s pressing challenges.”

For this reason, the Luxury Retail conference will involve all industry professionals. Designers, visual merchandisers, buying offices, general contractors, retail technicians, real estate consultants, designers and architects are expected.

Among the speakers selected for this event Luigi Brandi from Adhera and Giuliano Bergamo from PUK for the equipment area; Francesco Gori of Esa Engineering, Ozlem Ayalp of Arup, Cavazzoni of Cavazzoni Associati for engineering, Frederic Bestard, Studio Lazzarin Pickering, Ulderico Lepreri Design Project for architecture and design That they will bring their testimonies and best practices together with many other important personalities from the world of technical offices and architectural offices. The experience will be further enhanced by the contribution of exclusive international luxury brands with important interventions such as Maurizio Mori of Fendi, Samuele Frosio of Rsg Group, Luca Montemezzo of EssilorLuxottica, Claudio Viscardi of Panerai.

Multi-sector discussion of Luxury Retail Conference aims to offer practical solutions to the sector’s day-to-day challenges, including permitting, organizational complexities, fire management and historic building restrictions. By addressing these challenges, we aim to meet the sophisticated demands of luxury design, balancing safety and efficiency without compromising on aesthetics.

The event will take place over two days: the opening night will begin happening design, a meeting with national and international designers on luxury retail buildings featuring names such as Archilinea, Parisotto + Formenton, Pironi & Partners, Thirty-One, Fortebis, followed by dinner on the roof of the Executive Spa Hotel in Fiorano Modenese. The second morning will include a conference at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, divided into four thematic round tables that offer a complete overview of inspiring experiences:

  • Luxury capital cities and high streets: a summary of the experiences, needs and skills necessary to operate at an international level, with particular emphasis on the differences compared to the Italian context.
  • Luxury retail planning: a dynamic comparison between designers and luxury retail designers that goes beyond the fashion sector to include all commercial areas: from catering to the automotive industry, from the world of jewelry to wellness to real estate.
  • Construction in luxury retail: the beating heart of creating spaces dedicated to Luxury Retail lies in identifying the skills and infrastructures capable of operating on site on large scale projects, often in delicate contexts. The success of such initiatives requires the active involvement of the entire supply chain, from supply chain to project management to construction completion.
  • Equipment in luxury retail: the final roundtable will finally explore how to maintain investment and brand value, focusing on functionality, customer perception, quality and convenience. We will also discuss 360° sustainability, from the environmental to the financial context.

Once the work is complete, guests will be able to visit the Ferrari Museum for a dedicated VIP visit.

How to attend the Luxury retail 2024 conference

The event is by invitation and is aimed at industry experts, partners and the press.

To participate in the event, you must complete an online form on the website and request access to the waiting list.

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