Spray on stone and granite: try it too

With this system, you can create a spray to clean stone and granite without destroying them. Here are the ingredients to use

When we talk about eco-friendly and sustainable household cleaning solutions, we always think of DIY sprays created with ingredients suitable for cleaning marble, ceramics, maybe wood… However, there are other materials that could be present in our homes. It is therefore advisable to have some extra care if we want to use one stone and granite cleaning spray.

How to clean stone and granite?

In the more rustic houses, for example in the mountains, we often find them stone or granite objects or finishes. Furthermore, it is also possible to find them as individual pieces of furniture or details even in more modern homes.

As these are very delicate surfaces (but different from the normal ones we are used to cleaning), it is necessary to use one natural spray to clean them which do not harm the environment, are economical, sustainable, but also do not destroy and irreversibly damage these surfaces.


For that we have to use how ingredients:

  • 70% alcohol: cleans and does not damage stone and granite
  • Olive oil-based soap: degreases and shines
  • distilled water: necessary as a basis for diluting the other ingredients
  • essential oil to taste: a few drops of your favorite perfume. I personally find lemon very pleasant as it gives that extra fresh feeling, but eucalyptus could also be an excellent choice (especially as it also helps keep insects out of the house)

At this point, just mix these ingredients (which you probably already have at home) carefully, put them in one sprinkler and spray them on the stone or granite surface you want to clean or remove stains.

essential oil of daisy

However, as always, we advise you in these cases hidden corner test the stone or granite surface to be cleaned. This solution is actually safe, but it is better to be sure due to the great variability of the materials treated.

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