5 Popular Tips That Actually Harm Your Houseplants

5 bad tips that you should not follow in order not to damage the plants

When we don’t know what to do or how to behave based on a problem to be solved, we often rely on information or the voice of people and may end up with wrong solutions. As for tips on how to care for them plant then these harmless suggestions could turn out to be really harmful and end up killing the plants. In this article, we want to highlight 5 tips that could endanger the health of plants.

5 bad suggestions to leave immediately because they damage the plants

The first incorrect suggestion is to polish the plant leaves with leaf shine. This product is based on oil or wax, can clog the pores of the leaves, preventing them from breathing properly. In addition, product residues can attract dust and dirt, which compromises the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. Just clean the leaves with a damp cloth and appreciate plants as they are.

Some people recommend using a mixture mayonnaise and oil for polishing plant leaves. This practice is only for attraction parasites and prevents the leaves from performing their normal functions.

For those who own orchids, you should know what these plants are epiphytes and usually live attached to other trees in the wild. They therefore require a special soil composed mainly of pine barkstones and other components that provide sufficient support and drainage.


Growing them in normal soil can cause stagnation water and lack of oxygen to the roots, which leads to disease and death of the plant. If you used soil, rewrite it and fill the pot with specific soil and mud moss.

Many people usealcohol to eliminate parasites. This practice dries the leaves and burns the roots. So it is recommended to stop using natural pesticides immediately.

The succulent they are plants that have developed a special adaptation to store water in their leaves. They are used to dry climate and require soil with excellent drainage. Create terrarium in succulent plants, it can cause water to stagnate around the roots, which promotes root rot. If you want to create a composition with your small succulents, use a open plate with low edges to promote air circulation.

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