Fidgeting with pitchforks in the garden, that’s what it’s for

The garden pitchfork is a trick that comes from our ancestors, still widespread today: let’s see what it is used for

You’ve never seen one Forks planted in the garden? How strange, right? In fact, it seems like a rather absurd choice, with no precise meaning.

Be careful though, as appearances can be deceiving! Those who use it know the trick, the result of years of experience or word of mouth. When you discover the real reason for this habit, you will want to experience it too.

Why put pitchforks in the garden?

It is common to come across the odd in various vegetable gardens and gardens plastic forks planted in the ground, arranged between seedlings. The method in question is not a product of recent times, but comes from the ancient past, even used by our grandparents. Who had an unusual ability to get by with the very few resources at their disposal.

This is because they had an innate spirit of work, dictated by their time, where many of the conveniences available today were excluded (assuming they had already been invented). Specifically, the procedure allows protect plants from insects, parasites and snails.

Growing seedlings

By its shape and color, i.e fork tines they create movement and noise capable of scaring small animals, otherwise a potential cause of crop problems. Forks in the vegetable garden will also deter birds from eating the seeds. To appreciate the “secret” just revealed, place them with the tips pointing up, between one row and the other of the plants you want to protect. Use some in biodegradable plasticso as not to contribute to the phenomenon of pollution.

Digging the soil

Recent news leads us to pay maximum attention to respecting the ecosystem. While it is easy to place the responsibility solely on the political class, we are trying to ensure that we do our part. From simple decisions, we have the opportunity to contribute to improving the situation.

Without special sacrifices, we will feel at peace with ourselves and truly have an impact on the future if we act as a team. A single individual cannot change the world, but working together will allow us to make a difference.

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