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Air purification with light: it’s REair’s clean technology solution coming to CES 2024, the world’s largest and most important technology event. The photocatalytic coating technology of the Milanese startup, one of the 50 companies selected for the Italian mission to Las Vegas led by ICE.

What does REair do? It has developed an innovative and highly sustainable technology that can be applied to any surface and uses light to purify the air. Here’s how it works

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REair, eCoating technology against pollution

The technology developed by REair is called eCoating and is based on a patent that led to a completely green solution: it is activated by a combination of light and air thanks to process of photocatalysiswhich over time continues to break down gaseous pollutants (NOx SOx, organic dust PM, VOC) and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, fungi and other harmful pathogens.

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A unique product on the Italian market, which has the advantage of being transparent and thus preserving the original color of the treated surface, natural, solvent-free, certified as long-lasting and easy to apply by spraying on any interior or exterior surface.

The company’s goal is to turn city centers into real “invisible forests” with building surfaces, both internal and external, capable of reducing the production of harmful substances such as nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds and fine dust.

Use buildings to combat harmful compounds in the air

Raffella Moro, CEO of REair

“The World Health Organization has confirmed that urban pollution causes a quarter of the diseases and deaths in the world. A fact that shows firsthand the importance of introducing a culture of air purification in urban centers. The basic goal for everyone: In this sense, REair technology makes a significant contribution by using what already exists, i.e. buildings, to combat the emission of harmful compounds into the air,” recalls Raffella Moro, CEO of REair (in this video he speaks about his professional journey and the history of the startup).

REair case histories, from Milan to Venice

A concrete example of the benefits of the technology developed by REAir has already been seen in the experience in Italy. In November 2023, REair talked about some case studies of eCoating technology in a series of meetings Monte Rosa Campus Milan to the all-glass facadeVenice Airportto, from iGonzaga Institute in Milan on a maxi advertising system, 4 thousand square meters, one of the largest in the world, covering the reconstructed site of the iconic Pirellino owned by Coima. Based on tests carried out according to EU standards for photocatalytic surfaces, maxi-posting is able to reduce up to 500 kg of nitrogen oxides, which is equivalent to planting 1200 trees.


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