Selkirk Rex, an adorable and loving cat with a beautiful curly coat

The Selkirk Rex, also known as the Sheepdog for its peculiar thick and curly fur, is a cat that is very affectionate with people and loves human contact. Originally from America, let’s find out everything about this breed.

A breed from the United States

The origins of the Selkirk Rex date back to the 1980s. In 1987, to be exact, in Wyoming (United States of America), a breeder decided to pair a naturally curly kitten with a Persian. Six kittens were born from the litter, three of which had curly fur. From there, it became clear that the curly gene could be dominant, so crossbreeding with other cats such as exotics, American shorthairs and British shorthairs began. From America, this breed reached Europe only in 1990, but it is still a rare species.

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Thick, curly coat

Crossbreeding with Persian cats has left evident features in the Selkirk Rex, especially in the muzzle, which is short and angular, to which is also added a robust bone structure. Usually medium in size, it has a round head with large round eyes and large ears.

However, the most characteristic aspect of this cat is the curly coat, both in terms of the mid-hairs and the undercoat. Very soft and very dense, for this particularity it is also often called Sheep Cat, while in terms of color there are different shades.

The Selkirk Rex has a sociable character

On the character level, Selkirk Rexes are sociable cats that get along well with both family members and strangers, with whom they are always very affectionate. Furthermore, they are pets that get along very well with children because they are also very patient. Although it is a very calm species, it is also active and playful.

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What care do Selkirk Rexes need?

In terms of health issues, due to the Persian gene, Selkirk Rexes can have inherited polycystic kidney syndrome and excessive tearing, which results in a lighter area around the eyes. Another condition they may be exposed to is brachycephalic syndrome, which leads to respiratory problems, especially if they have a flat nose and head.

The coat deserves a separate discussion, due to its characteristics it needs to be brushed often to avoid knots, but be careful not to flatten it too much. Hairs also present inside the ears could cause irritation and in some cases lead to the production of more earwax.

Feeding a Selkirk Rex

Cats belonging to the Selkirk Rex breed are active and like to engage in ever-changing games that stimulate their curiosity. Even if they do not tend to gain weight, their diet must be balanced, but above all adequate to their lifestyle. A balance of dry and wet food is recommended to ensure adequate hydration, as like all cats they tend to drink little.

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