Two poachers lurking with illegal bait in Treviso made a discovery: they shot robins and finches

Singing robin

Two men were charged poaching by the police force of the province of Treviso after it was discovered in the area Marino di Piavein the Campagnole area when they shot at birds.

Agents discovered the two poachers during an operation dedicated to monitoring and combating illegal hunting in the area. They were the ones who alerted them shots heard near the house isolated, prompting them to lurk in the area to understand her origins.

During one of the stakeouts, two men were discovered using a device acoustic reminder, prohibited by law. When the birds were close enough, they shot, protected by a net placed on the wall of the portico adjacent to the building.

They were two poachers stopped and sanctioned by the provincial police not only for the use of acoustic calls, but also for killing protected game: agents found lifeless bodies robinfor finch and redstart, but it is suspected that there were many more victims in the previous days. Both men were also sanctioned for lacking the necessary documentation to carry out hunting activities.

“Watch out for the fight against poaching and wildlife crimeand is a priority to the women and men who make up the police force of the Provincial Administration of Treviso – said Stefano Marcon, President of the Province of Treviso – great praise for their work and for all the monitoring and prevention activities”.

Poaching is a crime that causes enormous damage to ecosystems and claims hundreds of lives every year. Poachers often use ad hoc tools, prohibited by law, such as artificial acoustic callsin fact, or in the worst cases birds that are specially hunted and kept in small cages to attract wild specimens to particular places and shoot them down with rifle shots. In the provinces of Veneto, warblers, although protected by law, are unfortunately still poachers for the purpose of preparation dishes considered traditionalsuch as “polenta e osei”.

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