The country where people live best? Here is our ranking for 2024 (Italy is also in 15th place)

The country where people live best? Here is our ranking for 2024 (Italy is also in 15th place).

Incredible architecture, state-of-the-art urban planning and a culture rich in artistic expression: the best country to live in includes all these elements. While a thriving creative scene isn’t directly linked to a country’s GDP or military strength, attention to design can contribute to a higher quality of life. That’s why we reviewed the best countries to live in, but for design lovers, based on the company’s annual ranking of the best countries in the world US News & World Reportof these 15 best countries for design.

But first, let’s explain how we wanted to proceed.

Which country in the world has the best life?

The first place in the ranking was taken by Switzerland News from the US, ranking in the top 10 in several categories, including cultural influence, entrepreneurship, openness to business, quality of life and interest in social issues. A high score contributed to the country’s victory.

Which country is the world’s number one for design lovers?

If the order News from the US – which is based on a scoring system of 73 country characteristics and surveys of more than 17,000 people from around the world – includes 87 countries ranked by importance, our list is in no particular order. We chose instead highlight 15 countries that boast world-class design (although we’ve kept them in the order they appear in the list News from the US ). Simply put, design is subjective, and while a country’s GDP or unemployment numbers can be definitively answered, determining which country is the most influential in the field of architecture or design is not so clear. However, we have taken into account the host countries of the UNESCO Cities of Design and each country’s position in the World Design Rankings, as well as the overall ranking of quality of life in the rankings. News from the US.

Which country was the best to live in in 2023?

The term “viability” is perhaps as subjective as the term “good design”. So while some of the countries on our list may be more livable for some because they have excellent healthcare systems, political stability, well-functioning public transportation and also many cultural offerings, for others they may be unlivable due to high living costs or a poor work-life balance. This means that Sweden ranked first in quality of life, second News from the USwith Norway in second and Canada in third.

Is America the best country to live in?

The United States rose from last year’s 4th place to this year’s 5th place in the ranking News from the US, so no, they are not the “best” country. But the United States stands out for its global cultural influence and for being home to a UNESCO City of Design: Detroit. In addition, San Diego and Tijuana have been named Design Capitals of the World for 2024. This is the first time two nations have won the title, which is awarded every two years to a place that uses design to “enhance economic, social, cultural and environmental life.” “.

Here is our ranking.


Classification US News & World Report: #1

Bern, Switzerland

Photo: Getty Images/Rudy Balasko

The country took first place in the ranking News from the US thanks in part to a low unemployment rate and a skilled workforce that no doubt includes many design-loving expats. Switzerland not only has a rich history of graphic design and typographic style (even the New York subway uses the Swiss Style grid system and Helvetica font), but the country is also an architect’s paradise. In this year’s list of the 15 countries that pay architects the best, according to Yahoo! ERI Finance and Research, Switzerland once again took the top spot with an average salary of $130,898.

Stockholm, Sweden

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Classification US News & World Report: #3

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