Scent the house with felt chair mats: a trick that will win you over

To add a fantastic essence to your home, use this effective trick with felt chair pads

THE felt for the chairs they prevent the floor from being scratched, but did you know they can be valuable in an alternative way? Well, they are also useful for scenting the house and if you keep reading, we will explain how too!

A simple and economical trick will allow you to make your home smell fantastic. In addition, they have the advantage of being easily repositionable depending on your needs. To make the most of its qualities, carefully follow the method shown below and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Felt chair mats: a trick to scent the house

Follow the written steps without feeling the need to provide “personal contact”. In short, improvise. Otherwise, there is a real risk that all efforts will be wasted. So let’s restore the procedure in question, handed down from our ancestors. Who, when they didn’t have all our resources, knew how to invent spectacular techniques with very little.


First, drip 3 or 4 drops essential oil (or air freshener) on the surface of the felt pad. Then give it a chance to fully absorb the applied fabric and you’re done!

A question we often hear is: “What scent do you recommend?”. Let’s start with a premise: there is no absolute right or wrong answer. Any consideration should be based on personal taste. That said, there are scents that are better suited to certain areas of the home.

Shoe cabinet

For example in Kitchen and in bath fresh and citrus essences such as lemon, orange, tangerine or mint are preferred. In the bedroom, we prefer relaxing ones such as lavender or vanilla. Instead in living room and other areas the choice is completely free. If you are undecided, try doing some experiments to find the best solution.

Finally, attach the felt pad strategic pointssuch as a wardrobe, under the bin lid, in a shoe cabinet or behind the toilet: you optimize the yield.

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