Traces on the taps even after they have been cleaned? Find out if you are making these mistakes

Don’t make these mistakes when cleaning faucets: you’ll increase your grades

The stains on faucets they represent a widespread problem that every housewife (and her husband) has to deal with sooner or later. Unfortunately, there was a bit of confusion in the beginning about the application methods. Advertisements by industry leading companies lead us to believe that a trip to the mall is necessary. But it is only a belief spread by manufacturers, driven by the need to sell.

In addition, try to think: if it was so important, how did our grandmothers manage it? They had no choice in their time. In addition, most had limited economic resources, so they were forced to save, with some natural remedies.

A typical mistake when removing traces on faucets: avoid it, otherwise it will be a wasted effort

If you want to say goodbye to streaks on your faucets, there are different methods. One of the simplest and most immediate is to use a a mixture of water and white vinegar. Mix them in equal parts and apply the mixture to the affected surfaces using a cloth or sponge. Wait a few minutes, rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth.


Alternatively, use white vinegar insteadcitric acid. Just dissolve 100 grams in a liter of water and the rest will take care of itself. Follow the instructions above and you will get rid of the problem.

Performing regular maintenance is always the best strategy to put into practice. Otherwise, incrustations they risk hardening and their removal would then be difficult. In the worst cases, use a special descaler and you’re good to go. Get an ecological one, pay attention to the ingredients listed on the packaging in accordance with European legislation.

To wash hands

At the end, wash the sponge or cloth thoroughly employed in traffic. This will allow you to remove any residual vinegar or citric acid that might cause streaks. It is the latter that is easy to get wrong. Pay attention to it next time.

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