The hen laid a record egg: it is three times larger than normal

In Salento, a hen laid a heavy egg 193 grams, three times as much as a normal-sized egg. And the discovery was made in the province Lecce from the man who filmed it all on a video posted on social media on Epiphany.

“To those who gave sumptuously colored socks full and overflowing with sweets, and to whom this majestic egg immense beyond any rule of physics,” the man wrote, explaining that on average a normal egg weighs around 60 grams, much less, record breakingdiscovered on the morning of January 6.

Fresh eggs are classified into the following weight categories: XL, very large, which can reach a weight of 73 grams; they then follow Lbetween 63 and 72 g; M, average between 53 and 63 grams; AND WITHsmall, less than 52 grams.

So the egg is truly extraordinary in every way. She was laid by a Salento farm hen that has a free range chicken farming where organic eggs are produced. The surface of the egg itself can tell us a lot about how these animals live when they are used in the poultry industry.

On the shell is actually a alphanumeric code of eleven characters that provide accurate data on the welfare of these animals. The first digit of the code corresponds to a number between 0 and 3 and provides information on the type of farm. It can be: organic farming (0), free range farming (1), free range farming (2) or battery farming (3).

The worst conditions for animals occur precisely in battery farming, where hens live in large sheds with rows of cages, stacked four to five rows high. They are present in these places only light and artificial ventilationand hens have less space available than an A4 sheet of paper per individual. They live in these conditions throughout their productive careers.

The other extreme is organic farming, which is the most compatible of all with animal welfare. Even in this case, however, pathologies affecting animal health, such as parasitosis, are not averted.

For this reason, more and more activists and citizens are calling for a complete renunciation of the system of animal exploitation. To this end, Finnish startup Onego Bio has developed a technology capable of producing eggs without the use of chickens. According to the company, in fact, the demand for egg white protein without animal origin will increase more and more globally in the coming years.

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