Draghi to European industrialists: “I’m listening”. Business priorities: green transformation and innovation

MILAN – About an hour and a half of negotiations: the representation of large European businessmen to represent their demands on the global stage, the former president of the ECB and the Council Mario Draghi “listens”.

Promise to update very soon, because the most famous Italian in the world of economics has to finish Last September, President of the European Commission Von der Leyen requested a report on competitiveness from him, and which should be ready soon after the June elections to the European Parliament. “This is one of the many meetings we are holding as part of this relationship. Today the meeting is in Milan with ERT. Today the industry is talking and I am listening,” Draghi said as he entered the Milan headquarters. of the Italian Central Bank, where a meeting took place with a delegation of the European Round Table for Industry.

It is a network that brings together approximately 60 CEOs and presidents of multinational companies of European origin across all industrial and technological sectors, with total revenues exceeding 2 trillion euros, 5 million employees and an annual investment of more than 60 billion euros in research and development.

Industry leader: “Different measures are needed for the future”

Leaving the meeting president of ERT and the Vodafone groupJean-Francois van Boxmeer said: “The agenda is very broad, but I cannot speak for Draghi. We have come to explain to him what we think is needed to be more competitive in the future and to succeed in the ecological transition to be achieved in Europe” When asked by journalists about the priorities of the agenda, van Boxmeer said: “There are many, lThe biggest challenge to be faced is the success of the energy transition, which must be achieved while maintaining the competitiveness of our companies to compete with the rest of the world, especially China and the US, and to keep pace on the innovation front.. It’s a delicate balance, I think we’ll have to take different measures in the future. Draghi listened to us and they will be the input to his plan. There will be more.” The manager estimated that Draghi’s report should be published “immediately after the European elections” and that “it is very important and will be a plan for the next Commission to improve the competitiveness of Europe”.

In addition to Ert’s quintet, also former minister Colao

The “Milan” delegation included the President of ERT (and the Vodafone Group), Jean-Francois van Boxmeer, CEO of Solvay Ilham Kadri, President of Titan Dimitri PapalexopouloYes, the president of Siemens Jim Hagemann Snabepresident of Ab Investors Jacob Wallemberg. He also joined the Milan branch of the Bank of Italy Vittorio Colaoex-CEO of Vodafone and ex-Minister of Technological Innovation in Draghi’s government.

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