This is the northernmost city in Italy: it is a paradise in the mountains

Italy is a country with a very diverse landscape: from the crystal clear sea of ​​southern Italy to the impressive Dolomites. Therefore, when traveling to the northern regions of the country, it is natural to ask which one it is the northernmost city of Italy. It is located in the province of Bolzano: Predoi, also known as Prettau, is a municipality with 515 inhabitants visit and discover.

Discover the history of Predoi, Italy’s northernmost town

The history of Predoi is deeply intertwined with the natural environment and resources that the area has offered for centuries. Since ancient times in this country copper, an activity which continued without interruption until the end of the nineteenth century. The economy was then replaced by the craft economy, and especially by Fr drumming.

In terms of the historical past, this location is mentioned as early as 3000 BC on some rock paintings. However, there is only some evidence to begin with from the High Middle Ages. Recently, the city has become an interesting tourist destination, especially in the summer season.

What to see in Predoi: the village and beyond

Starting from the city center is the ideal way to discover this village in the Aurina valley. Don’t miss e.g.

  • The Predoi Mining Museum: here you can learn about the history of the mining site and view some of the objects found in the now closed quarries.
  • Also visit Church of Santo Spiritoa small sacral building that dates from the 15th century.
  • Continuing to explore the territory Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Natural Park It boasts 30 thousand hectares of protected area. The itinerary that leads to the Kumpflam hut and the Klammbach waterfall is also worth following.
  • Finally, it is very interesting Climate center which is located inside the mountain. Here it is possible to experience very special experiences such as speleotherapy or “cave therapy”.

Excursions and walks in Predoi

In summer, Predoi becomes a real paradise for lovers of trips and outdoor activities. One of the most suggestive paths is certainly the one that leads Riva di Tures waterfalls, where the flowing water creates small lakes in autumn. Tures Castle, a beautiful medieval fortress, is also nearby.

Speaking of walks, consider adding one too Valle dei Molini and Lake Nevesan artificial lake that can be reached on foot from the town of Lappago.

Predoi and surroundings: Places to explore

Discovering Predoi and its surroundings means discovering a number of charming places, each ready to show a different aspect of South Tyrol. A short distance from the center, don’t miss:

  • Source rocka small village on the Aurino stream consisting mainly of mountain huts.
  • Lutagothe starting point of many trips and an ideal place for river rafting and outdoor sports.
  • Further south in the same valley is located Cadipietraa location from which the lifts go directly to the slopes.
  • The reference city, located at the end of the national road that crosses the valley, is its own Brunicofamous for its castle and picturesque old town.

Living in Predoi-Prettau

Predoi is located in the northernmost province of Italy and it is an ideal place for contact with nature all year round. This makes it the perfect place to make a decision move or spend the holidays. With idealista you can find out all the information about the area and choose the house that best suits your interests:

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