Trains. Partial reopening of the Milan-Paris route, interrupted by a landslide in August. Replacement bus and times extended by 2 and a half hours

After almost four and a half months landslide in the French Maurienne Valley, in Savoywhich caused the interruption of the rail link between Piedmont and the French Alps, the T line.orin and Milan with Paris.

S was restoredcnf Travelersa French railway company which, thanks to the partial reopening of a railway line buried by a landslide, has established a mixed rail and bus service of its high-speed trains Tgv-Inoui. There is one day trip in each direction. Passengers arriving from the “capital cities” of the northwestern Po Valley will have to get off the first train at the station Oulx (Ulzio) in Val di Susa to board a bus that will take them in less than two hours Saint-Jean-de-Mauriennein Savoy, where another Tgv – signed with the same numerical reference, 9248transports them towards Chambery and City of Light. Mirror route in the direction of France-Italy, with Tgv 9249 and the bus. With this partial brake, it covers the Milan-Paris distance 9 hours and 4 minutes (from 14:10 to 23:14), reverse v 8 hours and 22 minutes (14:48 – 23:10): The rail-only route is usually covered between 17:30 and 07:00.

Sncf Voyageurs informs that it has already put tickets on sale from 39 euros from January 10 to March 24, but has already decided to extend availability: tickets for dates after March 24 will soon also go on sale. Trenitalia seems unwilling to introduce a similar service with its Frecciarossa trains. Total reopening of the section taken out of service by the landslide should not be held before the end of spring.

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