The smart charging bonus for electric cars: how it works

Two more years of smart charging forelectric car from a home charging station still with a discount. In fact, it was extended until December 31, 2025 the possibility of using a system that allows you to have more energy for charging at night and on holidays without increasing the kW, and thus without having to bear higher billing costs. Questions on the GSE website starting on February 14th.

Charging at home and costs on account

Testing of the intelligent charging system began in 2021 and was supposed to end at the end of 2023. The declared goal of the system is optimize the use of the electrical network supporting consumption in periods of lower demand. This has the potential to make it easier to charge electric vehicles with home charging stations, allowing users with a dedicated power of between 2 kW and 4.5 kW to count on 6 kW at certain times and days of the week without having to request an actual increase from their supplier. By using the mentioned slots, it is possible to save both on the fixed costs of increasing the performance and on the charging costs. Only for the others it is possible to reduce the amount to 200 euros per year.

Columns and performance

The intelligent system can be accessed exclusively through rechargeable devices that are able to offer basic functionality to connect to the Internet (via different types of connections such as ethernet, wi-fi or SIM), allowing two-way communication. L’device list accepted for the exam is available on the GSE website. Furthermore, the installed electricity meter, to which the charging device must be connected, must be a remote-controlled electronic electricity meter of the first or second generation.

Free reprogrammed counter

Users who have a electricity supply contract with a permissible output of at least 2 kW and at most 4.5 kW. Once the request is approved, the network manager will change the operation of the electronic meter integrated in the column so that in the F3 band characterized by less energy consumption (from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. the following morning) and on public holidays, more energy than normally available.

Specifically, we get counter reprogramming so that during the F3 time period it behaves as if the contracted power was 5.5 kW, which allows it to have an unlimited maximum power of 6.05 kW and for a short time even higher values ​​(depending on the specific “limiter release curve” set by the network operator on the electricity meter). Charging therefore takes place faster and, of course, at a lower cost. In the resolution extending the system’s testing, the Region specified that the application of the intelligent system must not be affected by any change to the dealer’s operations ordered by the participating customer.

How to apply

The entire procedure is managed directly by the GSE. You can find it on the pagelist of allowed columns to the benefits and the application form through the Customer Zone, which can also be accessed using the SPID. After logging in, the procedure supports the customer in filling out the request and then sending it. Anyone who already uses the system will not need to apply again intelligent charging system.

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