To make a small room look bigger, 9 infallible tricks

To make a small room seem bigger: how to save space with our designs.

It should be pleasant, spacious, bright and preferably with enough space to store things and clothes. We all have different ideas about our ideal home, but most of us agree when it comes to light, space and wardrobes: more is more! In big cities, square meters are scarce and houses are often small. It’s time to get creative! Here are some tips and tricks to help you make a small room feel bigger.

1. Choose the right wall color

Light shades on the walls reflect light better and, of course, create more brightness. But this does not mean that all walls must be painted white, on the contrary! Depending on the location of the house, different colors can be used to make even the smallest room appear open and flooded with light. Is yours facing east? Farrow & Ball recommends, for example, a subtle but effective shade of green, Teresa’s Green.

Farrow & Ball recommends a soft shade of green, Teresa’s Green.

Farrow & Ball

2. Use mirrors well

If space is limited, you have to be very creative to make the most of it and make a small room look bigger. Mirrors can do wonders: not only do they make the room bigger in an instant, but they also reflect light. Classic on the wall, on the ceiling or leaning against the wall: there are many ways use mirrors creatively at home.

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