Two dogs kill four cats from a cat colony: their human is doomed

He is accused of letting his dogs, two Siberian Huskies, maul four cats from a cat colony in Rome without doing anything to stop the horror. Indeed he rejoiced: «’These cats broke my ass…“, he would say.

An incident that took place in the capital saw the contact person of two dogs sent to court on charges of killing the animals for frivolous reasons and will have to appear before a single judge of the criminal court in Rome.

According to the indictment, also supported by the constitution as a civil party of a voluntary association for animal rights “Cat House”two dogs had already killed other cats and the man who took them for walks on a leash in the neighborhood never did anything to stop it.

As LaPresse reported, a friend would say to volunteers from the cat colony “La Casetta dei cats” who intervened to save a kitten attacked by dogs: “These cats broke their asses… I had three killed them, I will kill too many more». If the facts were confirmed, they would be very serious.

L’§ 544 bis of the Criminal Code (titled “Killing of Animals”) provides that “whoever causes the death of an animal by cruelty or needlessly shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of four months to two years”. For crime configuration, willingness to kill.

In August 2013, the Ministry of Health also updated the rules for walking dogs by issuing a conditional and urgent decree to protect public safety from dog aggression.

As the lawyer Salvatore Cappai explains in the first article, it is clarified that the human reference point of the dog «is always responsible welfare, control and management of the animal and is liable, both civilly and criminally, for damage or harm to the health of people, animals or things caused by the animal itself”.

The ordinance also states that “in order to prevent damage or injury to persons, animals or property” dogs must be kept at all times kept on a leash in populated centers and in all places accessible to the public. Unless you are in the dog area.

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