Why the European Commission is investigating the deal between Microsoft and OpenAI

The European Commission continues to turn its attention in the artificial intelligence sector. As reported by the agency Handlein fact, the community representative announced that he had started the reported verification process on Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI and its aim was to determine whether or not it could be reviewed under the European Union Regulation about concentrations.

More generally, the Commission explained that it had begun to examine some agreements in force from major players in the digital market and from developers of generative artificial intelligence. Among other things, the manager’s goal is to study aftermath the impact these partnerships could have on market dynamics. It was as part of these initiatives that the Commission published on 9 January two different invitations to present papers regarding competition in virtual worlds and generative artificial intelligence itself and sent requests for information other large companies in the digital sector.

So, in effect, all interested parties will be invited to share details about your experience and provide accurate competitive level explanation in the context of virtual worlds and especially current technologies. They will also then be able to share their views on how European competition rules can help ensure that the new markets that are the protagonists of the digital economy are preserved competitive.

After receiving all the required feedback, the European Commission will proceed to review all posts. Therefore, with regard to the second quarter of 2024, the executive could organize a seminarstarting with the perspectives presented by all stakeholders in order to reach solutions that can be reconciled the needs of the legislator and companies involved in artificial intelligence.

This is not the first time that the contract between Microsoft and OpenAI has ended under the lens of the authorities. Last December, the UK’s Cma, the national antitrust authority, for example, invited interested third parties to comment on the partnership and also highlighted the impact that the potential acquisition of the San Francisco company by the Redmond company could have on the UK market.

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