Artificial intelligence will affect 40% of jobs

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been investigating what that might be the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the global labor marketachieving results”impressive” and from the point of view replacement of some jobs on the side of technology and on the side of that integration with human work.

As reported Sun 24 hoursthe study actually highlighted that nearly two out of five jobs will be affected by artificial intelligencea number that could increase three out of five in advanced economies. Specifically, according to the research, more or less half of the professions could be advantaged in terms of productivity integration of current technologies. The remaining half could see an AI launch instead basic tasks are currently a human prerogative. This could lead to reducing the demand for laborto lower wagesto reduced recruitment and in extreme cases k the disappearance of some jobs.

He should predict the phenomenon smaller in emerging and low-income marketsin which the impact of artificial intelligence on the world of work should stop or to 40% and 26%. In fact, there are still many countries where there is no infrastructure and no workforce to take advantage of technology. The latter factor could in the near future widen the gap between nations.

Second IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgievawe are on the brink of a technological revolution that could jump-start productivity, stimulate global growth and raise incomes around the world, and that could also replace jobs and deepen inequalities“. The Bulgarian economist is aware of the fact that “the rapid progress of artificial intelligence“fascinated the world and at the same time created”both excitement and alarm“.

For Georgieva, all this caused “important questions about the potential impact of artificial intelligence on the global economy. The net effect is hard to predictbecause it will be difficult to spread across economies“. For the director, safety is above all one thing: “We will need to devise a set of policies to safely harness the enormous potential of artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity.“.

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