Etna PDO Prickly pear: a consortium for protection and promotion was born

Despite the fact that it already belongs to 37 branded agricultural and food products Additional AND PGI of Region of Sicilytenth place in Italy in value generated by a specific sector Prickly pear Etna Dop still boasts wide margins for commercial development, both in Italy both abroad. A good reason to entrust its valorization to the protection consortium tout court, officially established on November 30, 2023 under the auspices of Ministry of Agriculture, Food Self-Sufficiency and Forestry (Masaf).

Fresh, juicy, with a crunchy texture and sweet taste Prickly pear Etna Dop, thanks to the rare volcanic soil on which it grows, brings numerous benefits to the body. 20 years after acquisition European recognition of qualityThanks to these qualities, it deserves an ad hoc protection consortium, which has two women at the head of the newly elected board of directors. Especially, Sarah Buaas president he will support Rita Serafiniformer director of the Leonforte Fisheries Protection Consortium.

“We are sure that this product with incredible features can provide great satisfaction in terms of visibility, but also new possibilities for suitable territory,” he states Sarah Bua – We have already started working to discuss with all members the operational priorities to be achieved in the short term and the work program is already very full.”

“Prickly pear Etna Dop is undoubtedly a high-quality product that is already a full-fledged protagonist in the world of Italian designations of origin – he specifies Rita Serafini – From today, thanks to the consortium and an adequate strategy, it will be able to take the next step necessary to achieve greater visibility and growing success of the product in the national and international markets”.

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