Where does Ilary Blasi live? A showgirl house in the Roman district of Eur

Ilary Blasi, born in Rome in 1981, is a famous Italian TV presenter, showgirl and former model. His fame grew through his hosting of prominent television programs, including “L’Isola dei Famosi”, “Festivalbar” and “Le Iene”. Her charismatic screen presence combined with her beauty and talent have made her an extremely popular figure in Italian entertainment.

But where does Ilary Blasi live? Located in the Eur district on the outskirts of Rome, Ilara Blasi’s house is much more than just an ordinary home. It is a luxurious villa that is spread over 1500 square meters, with more than 25 rooms and a wide range of comforts. Surrounded by a curtain of cypress trees and immaculate white walls, the house was the scene of intimate and private moments in the lives of showgirls. Let’s see what the details are about Ilara Blasi’s house and the neighborhood that hosts it.

Where is Ilara Blasi’s villa located?

Ilara Blasi’s house is located in Eur district of Rome and more precisely to Torrino. The sumptuous showgirl house is immersed in the southern part of the capital, bordered by a vast area characterized by gentle hills. Strategically located between Via del Mare to the west and Via Cristoforo Colombo and Via Pontina to the east, the villa is close to and inside the Grande Raccordo Anulare.

This area of ​​Rome, surrounded by residences and commercial premises with a modern aesthetic, it has low traffic and is quiet and perfectly suited for moments of relaxation and tranquility, allowing the residents of the neighborhood to enjoy the surrounding greenery during long walks or bike rides.

The recent Netflix documentary “Unique” offers an unprecedented insight into the life of the Roman presenter and her home. From the frames of this audiovisual product, it was possible to confirm that Ilara Blasi’s villa is much more than just a residence; it is an evocative setting that tells stories of love, profound changes and new beginnings in the life of a VIP.

All details about Totti and Ilary’s villa in EUR

After the end of her marriage to Francesco TottiIlary Blasi claimed villa in Eur district (Torrino), where she now lives with her children. The residence remained essentially unchanged, retaining its charm and elegance.

The heart of the property is a very large green garden, enriched with carefully maintained lawns and trees. In this green space, far from the prying eyes of the cameras, the family life of the now former couple Totti-Blasi found its dimension and testifies to the passage of time.

With his 1500 square meters and more than 25 rooms, the house breathes luxury. Sumptuous fixtures and finishes contribute to an atmosphere of unique refinement. However, in addition to comfort, this home was widely inhabited by the family and over time was the scene not only of moments of joy, love and success, but also of quarrels and betrayals, as revealed by Ilary Blasi in the documentary “Unique”.

Inside, Ilara Blasi’s house, with its several levels, offers a wide range of environments, including a large room with open space with a kitchen and relaxation area, a ground floor with a dining room and lounge, a soccer field, a spa and a lower floor for special moments with friends and relatives. Recent images shared on social media show details of the furnishings, such as furniture by Poltrona Frau and artwork by Marco Lodola, which add an extra touch of exclusivity to the house, which is especially popular with Italian VIPs.

While Ilary continues to live in the family villa after the breakup, former Roma captain Francesco Totti has decided to move Vigna Clara, in the north of the city. It is an attic, but it appears to be temporary, as the footballer could soon be looking for a housing solution closer to his children, who currently live in Ilara Blasi’s house in Eur.

What area does Ilary Blasi live in?

The famous Italian showgirl currently lives in a luxurious villa in the Roman district of Eur – Torrino. Fans of Ilara and her ex-football husband have at least once wondered where Totti’s villa in Euro is. Well, after breaking up with the footballer, Ilary Blasi stayed in the Torrino district, in the same house, together with the couple’s three children, while the “captain” moved to another residence in northern Rome.

Who is Ilara Blasi’s husband?

It was Chi magazine that first revealed the identity of the showgirl’s new love born after her divorce from Totti. But who isCurrent boyfriend of Ilara Blasi?

Is called Bastian Müller, he is 36 years old and a German businessman. The man lives in Frankfurt, but although they live in different cities and are quite far from each other, the couple regularly meet on weekends, as the Roman showgirl herself stated.

Interior of the Eurosky Tower apartment

Ilara Blasi’s villa in EUR is not the only home of the Roman presenter. Among the houses that hosted the Totti-Blasi couple before moving to a villa with a large garden, luxury penthouse inside the prestigious Eurosky Tower, the first skyscraper built in the EUR district. With its imposing height of 120 meters and 27 floors, this iconic building is a symbol of undisputed modernity.

This incredible building, set within the wider context of Europarco Business Park and designedarchitect Franco Purini, part of it is the penthouse of the former spouses on the top floor. This house by Ilara Blasi and Totti, in addition to being located in an avant-garde building, stands out for its presence the latest generation of home automation system.

Every aspect of daily life, from controlling the blinds to lighting the rooms, from the heating to the activation of the alarm, is controlled by an innovative intelligent system that gives the home a touch of modernity and practicality. Due to differences in sources, it is unclear whether the luxury penthouse has been sold or is currently rented out.

Torrino, Eur: characteristics of the area where Ilary Blasi currently lives

That being said, although Ilary Blasi and Totti lived in different places in Rome, the Roman presenter currently lives together with her three children in a luxury villa located in Torrino area (Euro).

Located in the southern part of the capital, the district of Torrino, where Ilary Blasi lives, serves many people shopping centres, sports facilities and leisure centres, making it one of the most popular places in Rome. For those looking to live a stone’s throw from the famous showgirl, the area offers a wide range of real estate opportunities, including:

In addition to a wide range of services, the area is characterized by the wide availability and variety of properties, including modern condominiums, studio apartments, luxury apartments and panoramic penthouses, which allows us to confirm that this is one of the most sought-after parts of the city. Price report Houses for sale in this area of ​​the capital, specifically in Eur-Torrino-Giuliano Dalmata, it reports an average cost of €3,421/m2 in November 2023, which represents a negative variation of 1.2% compared to the same period of the previous year (November 2022).

as for rentals in the same area, the average price per m2 in November 2023 is €14.50, which shows a positive change of 3.8% compared to the previous month (October 2023) and a significant increase of 7.2% compared to the same period of the previous year (November 2022).

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